Teen Cell Phones… and Depression Posted by: Dr. Matt

Is your teen’s phone making them DEPRESSED?

There are striking trends afoot for those keen to adolescent development.  We know kids spend immense amount of time on their phones, but what’s the impact?

Read Time’s article that shows data suggests that teens today are experiencing profound occurrences of depression.

Later, after her attempted suicide and during her stay at a rehabilitation facility, Nina and her therapist identified body image insecurity as the foundation of her woe. “I was spending a lot of time stalking models on Instagram, and I worried a lot about how I looked…”

And to Apple’s delight and Snapchat’s chagrin, it’s probably not really the device that’s causing the saddness, but rather teens’ interactions on social media.  The iGen generation is destroying itself one Instagram post and mean Tweet at a time.  And adults, we’re facilitating it through lax supervision, poor modeling, and clever software development.  And for God’s sakes, we bought the damn things!

Here’s some good tips about what to do about it…