Pre-Marital Counseling Near Me? Posted by: Dr. Matt

Premarital Counseling in New Orleans

Pre-marital Counseling will not prevent divorce or guarantee a lifetime of happiness and bliss.  It should however give you the necessary skills to have the important conversations with your spouse that are part of any healthy marriage.  Here’s 4 reasons you should strongly consider premarital counseling.

Premarital Counseling…

  1. Gets you in the practice of talking.  That’s right; any healthy relationship involves talking and communicating.  Successful marriages talk a lot, about almost everything – and premarital counseling helps you get into this habit right from the start.
  2. Helps you disclose all those private expectations you have for your spouseDSC01688.  We all go into relationships with expectations.  Some of them, we’re aware of and we share with our partner.  Other expectations we keep to ourselves and then feel let-down when our spouse doesn’t measure up.  And still, we have other expectations that we’re not even conscious of – yet.  Premarital Counseling helps with this.
  3. Helps you learn to fight.  Any intimate relationship includes disagreement and conflict.  That’s right – healthy, happy marriages include FIGHTING!  It’s part of the fun and joy of knowing and being known by your spouse.  Premarital counseling helps your learn to fight in ways that connect you with your partner rather than break you.
  4. Allows you to explore issues that are the source of most conflict for couples – stuff like in-laws, money, sex, and parenting.  Living with someone presents some logistical challenges, and lots of these challenges can be identified, discussed, and worked-out in premarital counseling.

Remember, you’ve spent months planning your wedding, now spend some time planning your marriage.  Building Us is a premarital counseling service that I developed to support the ambitious couples of today. Building Us combines 6 pre-marital couples counseling sessions with 4 additional couples counseling sessions during the first year of marriage.  As issues arise, we tackle them together.  Also, check out this premarital podcast and please let me know if you have questions; my office is just across the bridge in Gretna!