Building Us: New Orleans Premarital Counseling

Designed to give couples a solid foundation prior to the wedding and during their first year of marriage – Building us is an innovative premarital counseling program that combines relationship counseling with financial advising.

The program includes six exploratory sessions and eight follow-up sessions during the first year of marriage. Sessions last 50 minutes and are scheduled based upon your wedding timeline. Of the 14 sessions, 10 are face-to-face with Dr. Matt.

Marriage Counseling sessions include:

Healthy Security – Building Trust

  • Assessing your relationship health
  • Discussion of healthy relationships
  • Exploration of secure marital love

Healthy Connection – Building Intimacy

  • Creating and maintaining closeness and connection
  • Assessment of availability and responsiveness to each other

Healthy Communication – Building Teamwork

  • Using “Us” meetings
  • Communicating about tough subjects

Healthy Family Boundaries – Building Peace

  • Exploring family-of-origin patterns
  • Establishing a boundary around our marriage
  • Enjoying & Accommodating extended family

Health Sexuality – Building Desire

  • Exploring expectations & desires
  • Identifying sexual hurts
  • Cultivating passion

Healthy Vision – Building our Future

  • Balancing togetherness & separateness
  • Planning for children and change
  • Living with work stress

Healthy Negotiations – Building Problem Solving Skills

  • Finding Solutions & Building on Strengths
  • Negotiating Differences
  • Fighting Fair & Repairing Injuries
  • Maintaining “Us”


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