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Life is all about relationships.  Relationships with ourselves & others.  I believe that people can improve their lives, their circumstances and connections to others, if they so choose.  I enjoy working with individuals, couples and families who want to reach their true potential.  My style is warm and engaging.  My approach is proactive and collaborative.  The environment, in which we will explore issues openly and privately, is comfortable and safe.

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After obtaining my undergraduate degree in Psychology, I have had a few different career paths which have contributed to the place I am in my life today.  I spent 10 years in the medical field, launching various medications.  This was a great experience, however, when I married and started a family, my priorities changed.  I started my own company, working in the field of Interior Design.  As I collaborated with clients, to make the interiors of their homes beautiful, I began to realize that while I loved what I was doing, my true purpose was to help others improve their personal in-terior and relationships.  Let’s begin the journey.


  • Connecting with your partner
  • Conflict resolution
  • Infidelity
  • Premarital preparation
  • Parent child connections
  • Healthy communication skills
  • Stress management
  • Depression & Anxiety


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