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Apr 05 • posted by Dr. Matt
Trauma & Relationships

Don’t Let Your Trauma Define You or Your Relationship by: Tralana Eugene Trauma can be defined as a deeply distressing or disturbing experience in one’s past, which can affect one’s worldview. However, do not let your trauma define who you …

Jan 23 • posted by Dr. Matt
Why are relationships so hard?

Recently I asked everyone in our office the above question.   These are the responses I got… Michael Waldrip: Every couple in their Present relationship stands together on the razor’s edge of their Past and Future. Their Past has been …

Jan 15 • posted by Dr. Matt
Addiction & Connection

“The opposite of addiction isn’t sobriety… the opposite of addiction is connection” -Johann Hari https://www.ted.com/talks/johann_hari

Dec 14 • posted by Dr. Matt

Want to connect with your spouse? I’ve recently become kind of a neurology nerd, particularly in the area of how our brains function in relationship to other people.  I’m most interested in how our brains go haywire when we’re upset …

Oct 24 • posted by Dr. Matt
Love and Suffering: The Road Most Travelled

What every couple knows…. by: Michael Waldrip The ideal of romantic love is of very recent origin in the world. Romantic love is the dominant view in the West.  Seeking a partner who will fulfill the other is the goal …

Sep 11 • posted by Dr. Matt
Infidelity: A Modern Malady?

How does infidelity enter a marriage?  It’s usually years in the making… By: Michael Waldrip Most couples opt for monogamy. And with this decision there is the implicit agreement that the couple will be faithful to each other until death. …

Aug 23 • posted by Dr. Matt
Marriage in a Funk?

Are You Prioritizing Your Relationship? By: Giselle Armantrout If I had a dollar for every time a couple told me they were in a funk and they were not feeling “in love” in their relationship, I could take a trip …

Jun 28 • posted by Dr. Matt
We are Moving!

Back to the Eastbank Our practice is growing and expanding, so much so that we need a new office.  So as of July 1 we will be at our new home on Metairie Road. The practice was started in 2007 …

Feb 03 • posted by Dr. Matt
Michael Waldrip, MAMFC, PLPC, PLMFT

We’ve added another team member,  Welcome Michael Waldrip to the practice! Modern life is full of difficulties and challenges.  There comes a time when you may need to reach out to someone beyond yourself who can bring perspective to your life …

Jul 26 • posted by Dr. Matt
Relationship Counseling – Is it for you?

New Orleans Relationship Counseling Many people attend therapy – not because their crazy – but rather to improve their most important relationships.  Decreasing conflict, improving communication, getting your needs met, and enhancing relationships and  are generally the focus of Relationship Counseling, Family …