Couples & Covid-19 – what helps?

How is Corona virus affecting couples and families? And how can couples stay strong? Those questions were recently posed to Dr. Matt Morris How is covid-19 affecting couples and families? “We’re not exactly sure, but we’re certain that the Covid-19 quarantine is affecting couples and families in unique ways.” Couples are spending hours, days, and […]

Self-Care & Coronavirus

50 Self-Care ideas for the Sequestered… Not a title I ever thought before about writing, but here we are.  Caring for yourself is essential to living well through stress and caring well for others. Here’s a few of our favorite ideas: Start your morning with silence and solitude.  Take some deep breaths, remember we’ll get […]

Boundaries in Families

What are they, and why are they so important? Boundaries are often talked about, and frequently misunderstood.  Boundaries in families are like the checkpoints along the border of a country.  The boundary allows some things in, but not everything, and some things out, but not unregulated.  In relationships, boundaries are the visible (skin, clothes, doors, […]

SmartPhones & Teen Girls

The Love/Hate Relationship between Smartphones and Teen-Girls By: Giselle Armantrout Picture this – your teen girl receives a normal-looking friend request on Instagram from someone who shares her interest in music. She accepts, and the two new “friends” begin chatting. The problem is that the “friend” is simply one of many imposter profiles of a […]

Addiction & Connection

“The opposite of addiction isn’t sobriety… the opposite of addiction is connection” -Johann Hari

Distracted Parenting…

Distracted Parenting… Can We Be More Present? By: Giselle Armantrout Is your phone a distraction? We see this scenario played out everyday everywhere! Mothers & fathers looking down at their iPhones… swiping, scrolling, texting, working, posting, shopping, while their son or daughter sits across the table on their tablets.  Not much interaction going on… sound […]

6 ingredients that help KIDS become successful ADULTS

Want your kids to have an edge?  Want them to become successful?  Here’s a checklist BASED ON RESEARCH – how many are you doing? So you’re a loving, present, empathetic, compassionate parent.  You hug your kids, try to avoid shaming them, and lovingly attend to their needs.  Great!  That’s a wonderful start.  But if that’s […]

Teen Cell Phones… and Depression

Is your teen’s phone making them DEPRESSED? There are striking trends afoot for those keen to adolescent development.  We know kids spend immense amount of time on their phones, but what’s the impact? Read Time’s article that shows data suggests that teens today are experiencing profound occurrences of depression. Later, after her attempted suicide and […]

Phones for Kids – Considerations for Wise & Worried Parents

Phones for Kids – 6 Thoughts before you buy… Is your kid responsible enough for a $700 piece of technology?  Do you trust them to take care of the phone, adequately protect it, and to not lose it?  Would you let them walk around with $700 cash in their pocket?  Today, most smartphones cost more […]

Going Back to Go Forward

Going Back… When you look back and think about your struggles, what have been your same-old hangups year after year?  I’m writing to those who have been on the journey for a bit.   Despite your best efforts, do you still struggle with old junk, old pain-in-the-neck muck, old voices, doubts, and patterns & habits […]