Couples & Covid-19 – what helps?

How is Corona virus affecting couples and families? And how can couples stay strong? Those questions were recently posed to Dr. Matt Morris How is covid-19 affecting couples and families? “We’re not exactly sure, but we’re certain that the Covid-19 quarantine is affecting couples and families in unique ways.” Couples are spending hours, days, and […]

Listen Now: Couples & Joint Accounts

Podcast What should couples consider when joining their money?  What’s best – Separate or Joint finances for couples? Certified Finanical Planner Eric Garcia & Dr. Matt Morris discuss couples and $$$ Learn more about Erik and his work at

What is your Attachment Style?

Your Attachment Style Impacts Your Relationships By: Giselle Armantrout Have you have ever been in a relationship that has left you feeling unfulfilled or stressed? Was your partner often times, emotionally unavailable or emotionally exhausting?  If so, then it is time to consider your attachment style before self-doubt sets in and you think it is […]

Boundaries in Families

What are they, and why are they so important? Boundaries are often talked about, and frequently misunderstood.  Boundaries in families are like the checkpoints along the border of a country.  The boundary allows some things in, but not everything, and some things out, but not unregulated.  In relationships, boundaries are the visible (skin, clothes, doors, […]

Couples and Marriage Counseling in New Orleans

Thinking of Couple’s Counseling? While there are lots of great counselors, therapists, social workers, psychologists, and other helping professionals in the New Orleans area, not all of them are trained to counsel couples specifically.  In this post, I’ll describe a few qualities that you should look for when considering a competent couple’s counselor. Look for […]

Trauma & Relationships

Don’t Let Your Trauma Define You or Your Relationship by: Tralana Eugene Trauma can be defined as a deeply distressing or disturbing experience in one’s past, which can affect one’s worldview. However, do not let your trauma define who you are and how you interpret hurt in relationships. I’ve noticed when discussing trauma with others […]

Why are relationships so hard?

Recently I asked everyone in our office the above question.   These are the responses I got… Michael Waldrip: Every couple in their Present relationship stands together on the razor’s edge of their Past and Future. Their Past has been comprised of hopes, fears, longings, regrets, hurts, wounds, desires, strengths, weaknesses, separateness, togetherness, laughter and […]


Want to connect with your spouse? I’ve recently become kind of a neurology nerd, particularly in the area of how our brains function in relationship to other people.  I’m most interested in how our brains go haywire when we’re upset by our spouse, partner, kids – our most loved family members. I’ve become a nerd […]

Love and Suffering: The Road Most Travelled

What every couple knows…. by: Michael Waldrip The ideal of romantic love is of very recent origin in the world. Romantic love is the dominant view in the West.  Seeking a partner who will fulfill the other is the goal of nearly everyone.  Finding a partner that is your friend, confidant and lover is the […]

Infidelity: A Modern Malady?

How does infidelity enter a marriage?  It’s usually years in the making… By: Michael Waldrip Most couples opt for monogamy. And with this decision there is the implicit agreement that the couple will be faithful to each other until death. But experience and statistics show this will probably not be true in many relationships.  The […]