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Are we compatible?

Becoming Compatible I regularly hear the couples I counsel wonder if they and their partner are compatible.  Soul-mates.  They seem to suggest that if they’re compatible,

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Relationship Counseling

What is Relationship Counseling? Recently my kids were playing with a group of their friends.  After being together for awhile, one of them noticed that

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Some Testimonials…

It’s daunting to choose a counselor… and testimonials from others can sometimes make the decision easier.  Below are a few thoughts about my work from

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New Orleans Couples Counselor

5 reasons to see a Couples Counselor Trying to decide between individual counseling and couples counseling?  Is your partner suggesting that you need to find

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Family Problems

Do you cause your family problems? I was recently reading an old family therapy book entitled Change, and I was reminded of how often we create

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