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May 09 • posted by Dr. Matt
Couples & Covid-19 – what helps?

How is Corona virus affecting couples and families? And how can couples stay strong? Those questions were recently posed to Dr. Matt Morris How is covid-19 affecting couples and families? “We’re not exactly sure, but we’re certain that the Covid-19 …

Mar 19 • posted by Dr. Matt
Self-Care & Coronavirus

50 Self-Care ideas for the Sequestered… Not a title I ever thought before about writing, but here we are.  Caring for yourself is essential to living well through stress and caring well for others. Here’s a few of our favorite …

Jan 28 • posted by Dr. Matt
Listen Now: Couples & Joint Accounts

Podcast What should couples consider when joining their money?  What’s best – Separate or Joint finances for couples? Certified Finanical Planner Eric Garcia & Dr. Matt Morris discuss couples and $$$ Learn more about Erik and his work at plan-wisely.com

Dec 07 • posted by Dr. Matt
Why is it so hard for some men to seek counseling?

Counseling hard for some men? By: Mike Stancil “Walk it off” “Suck it up” “Rub some dirt on it” Boys in our culture grow up receiving a lot of messages about what it means to be a man. Some are verbal …

Nov 12 • posted by Dr. Matt
What is your Attachment Style?

Your Attachment Style Impacts Your Relationships By: Giselle Armantrout Have you have ever been in a relationship that has left you feeling unfulfilled or stressed? Was your partner often times, emotionally unavailable or emotionally exhausting?  If so, then it is …

Sep 10 • posted by Dr. Matt
Boundaries in Families

What are they, and why are they so important? Boundaries are often talked about, and frequently misunderstood.  Boundaries in families are like the checkpoints along the border of a country.  The boundary allows some things in, but not everything, and …

Jun 03 • posted by Dr. Matt
SmartPhones & Teen Girls

The Love/Hate Relationship between Smartphones and Teen-Girls By: Giselle Armantrout Picture this – your teen girl receives a normal-looking friend request on Instagram from someone who shares her interest in music. She accepts, and the two new “friends” begin chatting. …

May 29 • posted by Dr. Matt
Couples and Marriage Counseling in New Orleans

Thinking of Couple’s Counseling? While there are lots of great counselors, therapists, social workers, psychologists, and other helping professionals in the New Orleans area, not all of them are trained to counsel couples specifically.  In this post, I’ll describe a …

Apr 05 • posted by Dr. Matt
Trauma & Relationships

Don’t Let Your Trauma Define You or Your Relationship by: Tralana Eugene Trauma can be defined as a deeply distressing or disturbing experience in one’s past, which can affect one’s worldview. However, do not let your trauma define who you …

Jan 23 • posted by Dr. Matt
Why are relationships so hard?

Recently I asked everyone in our office the above question.   These are the responses I got… Michael Waldrip: Every couple in their Present relationship stands together on the razor’s edge of their Past and Future. Their Past has been …