Self-Care & Coronavirus

50 Self-Care ideas for the Sequestered…

Not a title I ever thought before about writing, but here we are.  Caring for yourself is essential to living well through stress and caring well for others.

Here’s a few of our favorite ideas:

  1. Start your morning with silence and solitude.  Take some deep breaths, remember we’ll get through this, and commit yourself to peace, kindness, lightheartedness, and joy.
  2. Take a long walk with someone, or by yourself.  You can add kids, dog, music, podcast…
  3. Ride a bike.  It doesn’t take long to get somewhere beautiful!
  4. Watch an old favorite movie (Top Gun & Back to the Future)
  5. Read that book. Or re-read a favorite.
  6. Get up and take a shower. Get dressed, or lounge around in cozy pajamas. Your choice
  7. Sleep in…  why not?  Also, take a nap.  Sleep is a superfood!
  8. Cook some delicious recipes (for a bonus, make a little extra and take to a neighbor)
  9. Help someone else.  Who needs help around you?
  10. “Social Distancing” doesn’t mean isolation.  Call someone and talk.  And hug your family.
  11. Skip a news cycle and play a board game.  You’ve certainly got time for Monopoly now.
  12. When’s the last time you colored? Or painted?
  13. Write someone a note or letter, and mail it.
  14. Buy some fresh flowers and make a bouquet.  Dust off that vase and fill it up.  My local florist has BUEATIFUL flowers at great prices.  Thanks Federico’s!
  15. Buy some popsicles.  And make paper airplanes.
  16. Finish a project around the house. Repairing, fixing, or finishing something feels really good!  Now cross it off your list.
  17. Start a new upbeat podcast series.  I still love This American Life (episode 692 is a must!), and Death, Sex & Money (here’s an episode on coronavirus toolkit)
  18. Order some comfort food to be delivered, and give an exorbitant tip. Both will be appreciated.
  19. Stream and binge-watch a new series, alone or together as a family.
  20. Make a great cup of tea.  Take your time, do it well, and enjoy it.
  21. Download a free fitness app, or look online for workouts that require no equipment.  Burbees anyone?
  22. Start a journal – record your thoughts.  Start a “gratitude” or “delight” journal
  23. Have a karaoke or dance party.  Turn up the music, turn down the lights, and sing and dance your heart out!  No one is watching!
  24. Facetime, Skype, or Zoom with loved ones.  Technology is great!
  25. Remind yourself and those around you, we’ll get through this.
  26. Bake something – cookies, bread, tortillas, brownies or beignets
  27. Picnic in the front yard
  28. Camp in the backyard
  29. Clean your jewelry (you’re likely not wearing it)
  30. Take a bubble bath
  31. Clean out a drawer or closet
  32. Plant some new flowers
  33. Use chalk to write friendly messages on your sidewalk. #chalkthewalk
  34. Jump on a bed and have a pillow fight
  35. Watch the sunset. My weather app tells me what time the sun rises and sets daily.
  36. Work a puzzle
  37. Make a home movie
  38. Clean a fan
  39. Send a letter to your grandparents.
  40. Make a new playlist of songs that energize you
  41. Make love. Maybe do it differently.
  42. Call someone stuck at home alone, and talk a little longer
  43. Call an old friend. Or better yet, video conference.
  44. Listen to that Fun. album, Some Nights. Sing along. “We’ll put one foot in front of the other”, & “Tonight. We are young. So lets set the world on fire. We can burn brighter than the sun!”
  45. Take stock of your pantry and make a new dish. Do you have all the ingredients for homemade grilled pizza?
  46. Massage each other. Touch
  47. Family pedicures!
  48. Make a Christmas tree ornament to memorialize this time
  49. Develop that side-hustle
  50. Check out your library’s digital content – ebooks and audiobooks galore.

Joke of the day (from Stephen Colbert): Q: When do kids return to school, Mr. Secretary of Education, Alice Cooper?

What are some of your self-care favorites?  Add to the list and share it with your friends!  Perhaps sequestration will force us all into a self-care revolution!

And yes, we offer Teletherapy services.


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