Some Testimonials…

Dr. Matt Morris ~ NOLA
Dr. Matt Morris ~ NOLA

It’s daunting to choose a counselor… and testimonials from others can sometimes make the decision easier.  Below are a few thoughts about my work from a few of my professional colleagues and friends.  Hope this helps you make your decision.

“There’s sometimes a negative stigma about counseling in our culture, particularly with regards to relationship/couples counseling.  The truth is that without counsel relationships can fail.  I have great confidence and trust in the counsel of Dr. Morris.   I do not hesitate to refer individuals and couples to him for wise counsel” ~ Erik Garcia, Financial Advisor


“Dr Morris is an excellent relationship therapist.  I completely trust him and refer to him often ~ Dr Arwen Podesta, MD – Podesta Psychiatry


“In my work as a Psychologist who also focuses heavily on relationship and family based approaches, I have consistently found Dr. Morris to be a vital resource both as a consultant and a top notch clinician. He is undoubtedly one of my first choices when referring struggling couples and families for quality counseling” ~ Dr. Phillip T. Stepka – Psychologist


“Dr. Morris guides me in finding insights into my clients’ behaviors and thought processes, assists me in examining my own behaviors and thought processes in therapeutic relationships, helps me both build and hone my skill set, and consistently opens my mind to new perspectives, theories, and techniques” ~ MG supervisee*


And now some homework for you…Ask 3-4 people in your life to write a “testimonial” for you – your parenting, your work, your character, your friendship… and be willing to take the feedback with gratitude and humility.


*For confidentiality purposes, identity has been concealed, and I have chosen not to include any direct client testimonials.

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