Frequently Asked Question about Dr. Matt Morris’ practice

What’s counseling like?  

Mostly, it’s a structured, guided, conversation.  I help clients communicate more effectively, listen to one another more, and develop better skills for reducing conflict and increasing intimacy.  Check out this podcast for more information.  

Are you accepting new clients?  


When do you see clients?

My schedule often changes with each semester.  Currently, I’m in the office on the following schedule:Clarity

Monday – morning and afternoon
Wednesday – morning and early afternoon
Thursday – morning

What do you do with the rest of your week?

I’m a professor of counseling at The University of Holy Cross.  I train others to be great mental health professionals!  

Do you offer evening or weekend appointments?  

I do not offer weekend sessions or evening appointments, and I have very limited late afternoon appointments, currently on Monday.  

Do you accept insurance?

Unfortunately I do not.  Health Insurance often pays or provides partial reimbursement for most counseling services, but often not for counseling to treat relationship problems, communication problems, or marital distress.  Using insurance often requires a diagnosis, and most clients having relationship problems would not qualify for a mental health diagnosis. That’s right, most couples aren’t crazy!  

Can I seek reimbursement from my own insurance company for your services?

Sure.  I can provide you with a paid receipt for sessions that you can submit to your insurance company for partial reimbursement.  The insurer will consider me an “out of network provider.”  

What is the fee?  

I charge $140 per 50-minute session.  For 80-minute sessions, I charge $200.  

How do you accept payment?

I accept all major credit/debit cards and cash.  I accept personal checks (my least favorite) on a limited basis.

What’s your cancellation policy?

Life is unpredictable and everyone needs to cancel appointments occasionally.  Please give me as much notice as you can when you need to cancel.  If you cancel with less than 24-hours notice, you will be charged 1/2 of the session rate ($70 or $100).  

Should we attend counseling as individuals or as a couple?

Both versions are helpful.  I primarily meet with couples, but occasionally meet with one or both partners individually for very specific reasons and needs.  

How can I meet with Tralana?  

Ms. Martinez offers evening and weekend appointments, and her hourly rate is $80 per hour.  Contact her directly at 504.920.8422.

Do you have other therapists that you recommend?  

Of course!  There are lots of great counselors out there.
Tralana Martinez, Joan Fischer, Elizabeth Berger, Donny Songy, Rebecca Pham
New Orleans (Eastbank):
Melinda Wilks, Chuck & Marnie Genre, Jessie Bohnenkamp, Dr. Phillip Stepka, Restoration Counseling, Kendra Williams
Dr. Roy Salgado (bilingual), Mike Gootee, Hellen Cappo
Dr. Arwen Podesta, Dr. Jose Calderon, Dr. Nick Pejic, Dr. Degan Dansereau, Integrated Behavioral Health, Dr. Anh Le