Relationships are the guts of life… when they’re great, life is nice. But when relationships are strained, inflamed, full of conflict, or outright broken, life gets really tough. We help to bring understanding and peace to relationships, while soothing or repairing the broken spots. It’s tough work, and not for the faint of heart, but ultimately a rewarding path to more peace.

Our practice is focused on relationships, whether couples, parents, family of origin, or family businesses (and often a mixture). And after 15 years of practice, we’ve seen a lot. If you’d like help with an important relationship in your life, consider contacting one of us. We’ve done this before.

Clinician Availability

Date and Time Morning Early Afternoon Evening
Monday Dr. Matt Dr. Matt
Tuesday Rachel
Wednesday Dr. Matt Dr. Matt Tralana
Thursday Dr. Matt (Uptown)
Saturday Tralana (Gretna)
Rachel (Uptown)